Order Neuroptera (alderflies, dobsonflies, fishflies, snakeflies, lacewings, antlions and owlflies)

121-123. DOBSONFLIES AND FISHFLIES, Corydalus sp. Immatures can be collected in riffle areas of streams where they hide among rocks (see Mayflies) using an aquatic net. Adults can be collected using a black light trap or around lights.

124. MANTIDFLIES, Climaciella (=Mantispa) brunnea (Say) and others. Adults of some species are night-active (nocturnal). Specimens are usually collected in ultraviolet (“black”) light traps or by sampling vegetation with a sweep net. They can be killed in a toxin-containing jar or frozen and then be mounted on insect pins.

125, 126. GREEN LACEWINGS, Chrysoperla species. All stages can be preserved in alcohol. Small soft-bodied adults are difficult to pin and mount.

127, 128. ANTLIONS OR DOODLEBUGS, Myrmeleon spp. Look for larval pit traps in dry sandy areas, such as underneath eaves of houses or overhanging rocks. Larvae can be sifted out of the sand. They can be preserved in alcohol. Adults are attracted to lights and ultraviolet (black light) traps. The adult can be killed by freezing, heat or jar containing a toxicant and then mounted on a insect pin.

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